Memory Mobile

Hello from quarantine all! I hope you enjoy the next few projects. Seeing as how we are all living through our first major pandemic, we have a lot of time on our hands. Maybe even some extra time to get your creative on ey?! This DIY mobile is a simple and versatile way to add natural elements into your living space! It’s versatile design allows for pictures to be easily updated whenever you want and it can be modified to fit the supplies that you already have. Enjoy!


  • Wood stick
  • Pocket knife & Sandpaper
  • Fishing line
  • Small stones
  • Embroidery floss
  • Polaroid style photos
  • Clothespins
  • Twine


  • Finding a Stick: make sure that the stick you choose is not wet or rotting; you want this project to be in your house without any additional critters. When you’ve selected your stick, use a pocket knife and your sandpaper to smooth the surface. Feel free to be creative here and leave some bark visible for added texture!
Here is the stick that has been smoothed with a pocket knife and sandpaper
  • Adding Textural Interest: To add some unique elements to my craft I chose to wrap one end of my stick with an old choker necklace that I never wore. When I hung the finished mobile on the wall, I tucked dried flowers at the end. If you have allergies artificial flowers are an option!
  • Attaching the Basics: I used a combination of fishing line and twine for each of the strands of the mobile. This is where you’ll attach your photos and anything else you want to hang. A loop of twine was used to create the hanging strap at the top of the mobile. Make sure you use a strong twine here because this is how you’ll hang your wall art later!
  • Adding Attachments: I used hot glue to attach strings of pebbles to the fishing line. It’s easiest, here, if you glue the fishing line between two stones. I also chose to hang embroidery floss tassels. My mobile is decorated with neutral colors but it would be interesting to choose bright colored tassels and hang strands of colored beads or artificial flowers here!
  • Photos: The polaroid photos are really the perfect size for this project. I don’t own the camera, but I invested in a mini printer that my phone can bluetooth to. Highly recommend! Clothespins add a cute touch to the project and are the perfect way to hang your photos.
The Finished Product!
The Finished Product!

A Country Christmas Tree

This unique tree captures the comfort of a rustic theme while still maintaining the elegance of a classic Christmas. The mix of oversized and mini glass balls give the tree the illusion of being fuller. Mixing in glitter as well as silver among the white ornaments adds a bit of sparkle to the tree. Rustic elements are pulled in with the burlap ribbon, yarn star, cotton balls, and pine cones.

This is the first year that we decorated a themed tree. Every Christmas prior, we decorated the tree with handmade childhood ornaments, collectable snowmen and santas, candy canes, etc. I was afraid that I would miss seeing these traditional ornaments on the tree this year, but we still found a way to add personal touches to the tree! Making wood-slice ornaments painted with our family initial was a fun family activity and added the character our themed tree lacked.

christmas 1christmas 2christmas 3christmas 4

A New Covering

The Story

Last week my family moved from our home of twenty years– the home that I grew up  in–into a house that we recently built. As we’re adjusting to the new environment, decorating is a large component of our effort to make this house feel more like home. But decorating a house CAN BE EXPENSIVE. We’ve been finding ways to save a little money here and there, making what was once old feel like new.

This DIY project is simple enough for non-handy clumsies (like myself) to accomplish. All you need is an old cushioned chair, scissors, a staple gun, and a few yards of fabric (make sure to buy extra in case you need to replace it later).

We recovered a desk chair and a bench that were both looking a little sad. Choosing inexpensive new fabrics made the chairs appear new and match our new color schemes. What turned into a fun family project left us with what felt like new items for much less money. A little creativity, and we were also able to avoid contributing more to the Earth’s waste!


The Project

Trimming the excess fabric for the bench seat
Stapling new fabric to bench seat
Neatly folded corners


The Message

Covering these old, worn, and dirty cushions with newer fabrics made me think of the many areas in my life that I try to cover with “better fabrics”. I continually convince myself that I am not good enough. I am not skilled enough for that job. I am not pretty enough for that man. I am not funny enough for those girls. I am not significant enough to have a voice. I am not good enough for God’s plans. 

And the list goes on. The point is, we are continually told to create our own identities…to “be ourselves”. But in the effort to “be myself”, I end up crafting different identities to please different groups of people or to fit different situations. Layers upon layers of personality fabrics to present the correct “better” person for each moment.

But the reality is, no matter how many layers we put on, the underlying insecurities remain. We still search for one solid identity that will be “good enough”. Our layers can never do what Christ’s work on the cross provides. Jesus does not merely cover, He washes. The old is completely replaced with new. The soiled layers are pulled away and a new surface is carefully placed.

Jesus Christ provides one identity, the only identity, that never changes or needs to be replaced. Through the blood of Jesus we are recreated, and we ARE “good enough”. While the world will tell us to “find ourselves” and to “follow our hearts”, we need to find our identities in Jesus Christ alone, and choose to follow Him.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”   ~ 2 Corinthians 5:17